Gerüstnetze: Sicherheit auf und um Baustellen

Gerüstsicherheitsnetze bieten sowohl Bedienern als auch Fußgängern mehr Sicherheit auf und um Baustellen

Scaffolding is one of the most used elements when working at height. At the same time, this is a dangerous place, not only for operators but also for non-construction personnel.

Among the accidents that are most frequently recorded in the work carried out on scaffolding, the fall of materials or tools, the stumbling of the operators and the falls from height stand out.

Material falls

Working on scaffold means to work with little spaces and on structures not always constructed properly. The fall of objects or materials from a scaffold can occur for various reasons. For instance, due to a bad assembly of the structure or the lack of skirting boards around the perimeter.

Installing scaffold netting, as anti-object or anti-debris safety nets, can prevent damages from falling tools or utensils. For this, it must be verified that the safety net that protects the scaffolding does not have any crack through which an object can fall.

Tripping on scaffolding

Cleanliness and order on scaffolding are two of the most important tips to avoid tripping. The staff must organized the tools and materials, as well as its cables. Likewise, any liquid should be prevented from wandering freely on the scaffold floors.

Falls from height from scaffolding

To avoid any accident caused by falling from scaffolding, the use of individual safety (safety harness or shoes, helmet) is very important. However, the personell must also take into acount the collective safety measures plays a fundamental role in this case.

If you need a special help or advice for knowing what safety net is the best for your scaffold, you can contact us.

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