Woraus sind Auffangnetze hergestellt?


Obwohl in der Sicherheitsnetznorm EN 1263.1 die Rohstoffe für die Herstellung des Sicherheitsnetzes nicht erwähnt werden. Nowadays the most common materials used are polypropylene and polyamide 6 (nylon 6).Other raw materials can be used because the safety net standard EN 1263.1 gives this chance to the netting design and factories as well just like Visornets, but in fact the most knewn are both we have mentioned in the previous paragraph because the safety nets in testing with other materials are not in compliance with the Safety Nets Standard for diferent reasons, such as excesive elongation or on the contrary not enough elongation, or even not enough capacity of energy absortion after a year (aged nets).

Sicherheitsnetz aus Polypropylen


Nylon Sicherheitsnetz

The technical properties of polypropylene and nylon yarns are different, but briefly are the following ones:

  • Polypropylene nets are lighter than nylon nets, one of the reason of this is because it does not absorb water due to they have less specific weight than the main water.
  • In polypropylene nets the mesh is much stabilized because of the netting technique used is knotless while in nylon the mesh has to be strechted by water vapour in a chamber (heat strechting machine).
  • In polypropylene nets is easier to make safety nets in different colors than nylon nets, where normally are white or black. Which is so important particulary in places where there is not so much sunny days.

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