Visor T Evo Fan Sicherheitsnetzsystem Typ T EN 1263.1 – Zertifizierung

Überprüfen Sie den Zertifizierungsprozess unseres Auffangnetzes, Visor T Evo, der bei der Fundación Laboral de la Construcción in La Rioja (Spanien) durchgeführt wurde

Visornets is proud to show the new safety net system type T fully produced by our company in Spain. Our new system is light, only 100 kilos per 3×6 mts catch fan. So it is very easy to handle it up, installing, removal from one slab to another and dismantling. This is the result of the combination of different materials such as steel, aluminium and polypropylene knotless nets.


Prior to Visor T Evo fan in the market, we have developed the full system and obviously we get the certification. The certification is made according to European Standard EN 1263.1 in exclusively all the parts shown in this Standard.

Dynamic tests

The dynamic tests for certificaction of the safety nets type T have two parts:

  • Dynamic test over the center of the safety net. Two consecutive drops of a 50 cms diameter sphere 100 kgs from 7 meters height.
  • Dynamic test over the overlapped catch fans. Two consecutive drops of a 50 cms diameter sphere 100 kgs from 7 meters height.

In this case, the sphere has not to collapse at any point of the metal frame of the VisorT Evo catch fan.

This certification was carried out in the Laboratorio de Evaluación de Medios de Protección Colectiva de la Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, integrated in the Centro de Prácticas Preventivas of the territorial headquarters in La Rioja (Spain), and the fully certification document is at your disposal contacting us.

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