Sicherheitsnetze für Asbest

Das Ersetzen von Asbest-Dämmplatten auf Dächern ist auf der ganzen Welt sehr verbreitet, insbesondere an Orten, an denen dies völlig verboten ist oder in Ländern in

As hazardous material the removing must be carefully executed according to a specific plan where the most important issue to sort out is to protect the asbestos removal staff and to get completely free of any asbestos particles in the industries or warehouses where is removed.
In this case we at Visornets, with the help of our installation companies, have developed a three layer safety net for asbestos removal and as always for safety for the staff who is working on the roofs.


The three layers of the safety nets for asbestos include:

  • Safety net EN 1263.1 SA2 Q100 knotless Polypropylene or Knotted Polyamide.
  • Debris mesh 85 gr/sqm

Both are stitched making one single net.

  • Polyethylene sheet 200 micras joint to the safety and debris mesh by means of nylon ties.

In this case, the polyethylene sheet exceeds the dimensions of the safety net in order to collect all the asbestos waste.

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